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WebQueryController Class Reference

#include <webquerycontroller.h>

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Detailed Description

uses async http reading.

currently one instance per script is used...

Definition at line 64 of file webquerycontroller.h.

Public Slots

void doDownloadAndFilter (QString url, QString codec, QString rx)
QString filePath ()
QString msg ()
void query (const CatalogData &data)
void setResult (QString)
void setTwinLangFilePath (QString)
void slotDownloadResult (KJob *)
QString twinLangMsg ()


void addWebQueryResult (const QString &, const QString &)
void doQuery ()
void postProcess (QString)

Public Member Functions

 WebQueryController (const QString &name, QObject *parent)

Private Attributes

QTextCodec * codec
QRegExp filter
QString m_name
QQueue< CatalogData > m_queue
bool m_running

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