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TbxParser Class Reference

#include <tbxparser.h>

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Detailed Description

loads only data we need to store in memory e.g. skips entries for languages other than en and current project's target language

Nick Shaforostoff <shafff@ukr.net>

Definition at line 48 of file tbxparser.h.

Public Member Functions

bool characters (const QString &)
bool endElement (const QString &, const QString &, const QString &)
bool startDocument ()
bool startElement (const QString &, const QString &, const QString &, const QXmlAttributes &)
 TbxParser (Glossary *glossary)

Private Types

enum  Lang { langNull = 0, langEn, langOther }
enum  State { null = 0, term, descripDefinition, descripSubjectField }

Private Attributes

bool inTermTag:1
TermEntry m_entry
Lang m_lang:8
State m_state:8
QString m_subjectField
QString m_termEn
QString m_termOther

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