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Project Class Reference

#include <project.h>

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Detailed Description

class to keep widgets that may be shared among MainWindows Singleton object that represents project. It is shared between KAider 'mainwindows' that use the same project file. Keeps project's KDirModel, Glossary and kross::actions

GUI for config handling is implemented in kaider_prefs.cpp

Definition at line 71 of file project.h.

Public Slots

void defineNewTerm (QString en=QString(), QString target=QString())
void deleteScanJob (ThreadWeaver::Job *)
void dispatchSelectJob (ThreadWeaver::Job *)
void openInExisting (const KUrl &u)
void openProjectWindow ()
void populateDirModel ()
void populateGlossary ()
void populateWebQueryActions ()
void registerEditor (KAider *e)
void showGlossary ()
void showTM ()
void showTMManager ()
void unregisterEditor (KAider *e)


void loaded ()

Public Member Functions

Glossaryglossary () const
QString glossaryPath () const
bool isLoaded ()
void load (const QString &file)
ProjectModel * model ()
QString path () const
QString poDir () const
QString potDir () const
const QList< QAction * > & projectActions ()
QString projectDir () const
void save ()
QStringList webQueryScripts () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Projectinstance ()

Private Member Functions

QString absolutePath (const QString &) const

Private Attributes

QVector< KAider * > m_editors
ProjectModel * m_model
QString m_path
QList< QAction * > m_projectActions
ushort m_tmAdded
ushort m_tmCount
ushort m_tmNewVersions

Static Private Attributes

static Project_instance = 0

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