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KAider Class Reference

#include <kaider.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Main window class.

This class serves as the main window for KAider and can be called a dispatcher for one message catalog. It handles the menus, toolbars, and status bars.

Nick Shaforostoff <shafff@ukr.net>

Definition at line 74 of file kaider.h.

Public Slots

bool fileOpen (KUrl url=KUrl())
void findInFiles (const KUrl::List &)
void gotoFirst ()
void gotoLast ()
void replaceInFiles (const KUrl::List &)
void spellcheckFiles (const KUrl::List &)


void signalBookmarkDisplayed (bool)
void signalEntryWithMergeDisplayed (bool, const DocPosition &)
void signalFileClosed ()
void signalFirstDisplayed (bool)
void signalFuzzyEntryDisplayed (bool)
void signalLastDisplayed (bool)
void signalNewEntryDisplayed (const DocPosition &)
void signalNewEntryDisplayed (uint)
void signalNextBookmarkAvailable (bool)
void signalNextFuzzyAvailable (bool)
void signalNextFuzzyOrUntrAvailable (bool)
void signalNextUntranslatedAvailable (bool)
void signalPriorBookmarkAvailable (bool)
void signalPriorFuzzyAvailable (bool)
void signalPriorFuzzyOrUntrAvailable (bool)
void signalPriorUntranslatedAvailable (bool)

Public Member Functions

void mergeOpen (KUrl url=KUrl())

Protected Member Functions

bool queryClose ()

Private Slots

void defineNewTerm ()
void doReplace (const QString &, int, int, int)
bool fileSave (const KUrl &url=KUrl())
bool fileSaveAs ()
void find ()
void findNext ()
void findPrev ()
void gotoEntry ()
void gotoEntry (const DocPosition &pos, int selection=0)
void gotoNext ()
void gotoNextBookmark ()
void gotoNextFuzzy ()
void gotoNextFuzzyUntr ()
void gotoNextUntranslated ()
void gotoPrev ()
void gotoPrevBookmark ()
void gotoPrevFuzzy ()
void gotoPrevFuzzyUntr ()
void gotoPrevUntranslated ()
void highlightFound (const QString &, int, int)
void highlightFound_ (const QString &, int, int)
void msgStrChanged ()
void newWindowOpen (const KUrl &)
void numberOfFuzziesChanged ()
void numberOfUntranslatedChanged ()
void redo ()
void replace ()
void replaceNext ()
void setModificationSign (bool clean)
void spellcheck ()
void spellcheckCancel ()
void spellcheckNext ()
void spellcheckReplace (const QString &, int, const QString &)
void spellcheckShow (const QString &, int)
void spellcheckStop ()
void switchForm (int)
void undo ()

Private Member Functions

void createDockWindows ()
void deleteUiSetupers ()
bool determineStartingPos (KFind *, const KUrl::List &, int &, DocPosition &)
void findNext (const DocPosition &startingPos)
void replaceNext (const DocPosition &)
void setupAccel ()
void setupActions ()
void setupStatusBar ()

Private Attributes

QString _captionPath
int _currentEntry:24
DocPosition _currentPos
KFind * _find
KFindDialog * _findDialog
GlossaryView * _glossaryView
MergeView * _mergeView
KRecentFilesAction * _openRecentFile
ProjectView * _projectView
KReplace * _replace
KReplaceDialog * _replaceDialog
DocPosition _replacingPos
DocPosition _searchingPos
DocPosition _spellcheckPos
int _spellcheckStartUndoIndex
bool _spellcheckStop:4
TMView * _tmView
CatalogTreeView * m_catalogTreeView
bool m_doReplaceCalled
KProgressDialog * m_progressDialog
KUrl::List m_replaceFiles
int m_replaceFilesPos
KUrl::List m_searchFiles
int m_searchFilesPos
Sonnet::Dialog * m_sonnetDialog
KUrl::List m_spellcheckFiles
int m_spellcheckFilesPos
bool m_updateView:4
Ui_findExtension * ui_findExtension
Ui_findExtension * ui_replaceExtension

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