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GlossaryWindow Class Reference

#include <glossarywindow.h>

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Detailed Description

Nick Shaforostoff <shafff@ukr.net>

Definition at line 49 of file glossarywindow.h.

Public Slots

void chTerm ()
void currentChanged (int)
void newTerm (QString _english=QString(), QString _target=QString())
void restore ()
void rmTerm (int i=-1)

Public Member Functions

 GlossaryWindow (QWidget *parent=0)
bool queryClose ()
void selectTerm (int)

Private Attributes

GlossaryTreeView * m_browser
QTextEdit * m_definition
QWidget * m_editor
QTextEdit * m_english
KLineEdit * m_lineEdit
QSortFilterProxyModel * m_proxyModel
bool m_reactOnSignals
QComboBox * m_subjectField
QTextEdit * m_target

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