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Glossary Class Reference

#include <glossary.h>

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Detailed Description

internal representation of glossary. we store only data we need (i.e. only subset of TBX format)

Definition at line 89 of file glossary.h.


void changed ()

Public Member Functions

void add (const TermEntry &)
void append (const QString &_english, const QString &_target)
void change (const TermEntry &)
void clear ()
void forceChangeSignal ()
QString generateNewId ()
 Glossary (QObject *parent)
void hashTermEntry (int index)
void load (const QString &)
void remove (int i)
void save ()
void unhashTermEntry (int index)

Public Attributes

QStringList addedIds
QStringList changedIds
QString path
QStringList removedIds
QStringList subjectFields
QList< TermEntrytermList
QMultiHash< QString, int > wordHash

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