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FlowLayout Class Reference

#include <flowlayout.h>

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Detailed Description

used in glossary and kross views

copied from 'pretty' docs

Definition at line 47 of file flowlayout.h.

Public Types

enum  User { glossary, webquery }

Public Member Functions

void addItem (QLayoutItem *item)
void addTerm (const QString &term, int entry)
void clearTerms ()
int count () const
Qt::Orientations expandingDirections () const
 FlowLayout (int spacing=-1)
 FlowLayout (User user, QWidget *parent, QWidget *signalingWidget, const QVector< QAction * > &actions, int margin=0, int spacing=-1)
bool hasHeightForWidth () const
int heightForWidth (int) const
QLayoutItem * itemAt (int index) const
QSize minimumSize () const
void setGeometry (const QRect &rect)
QSize sizeHint () const
QLayoutItem * takeAt (int index)

Private Member Functions

int doLayout (const QRect &rect, bool testOnly) const

Private Attributes

QList< QLayoutItem * > itemList
int m_index
QWidget * m_signalingWidget

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