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CatalogImportPlugin Class Reference

#include <catalogfileplugin.h>

Inherited by GettextImportPlugin.

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Detailed Description

Base class for Catalog import plugins.

This class is the base for import plugins for catalogs. It provides "transactional behavior", so the changes are stored in catalog only if the import process finishes successfully.

To use it, just subclass and redefine load() and id() methods. When importing, you can use the protected methods for setting the catalog. New catalog items can be added using appendCatalogItem.

Stanislav Visnovsky <visnovsky@kde.org>

Definition at line 84 of file catalogfileplugin.h.

Public Slots

void stop ()

Public Member Functions

 CatalogImportPlugin (QObject *parent, const char *name)
virtual const QString id ()=0
virtual ConversionStatus load (const QString &file, const QString &mimetype)=0
ConversionStatus open (const QString &file, const QString &mimetype, Catalog *catalog)

Static Public Member Functions

static QStringList availableImportMimeTypes ()

Protected Member Functions

void appendCatalogItem (const CatalogItem &item, const bool obsolete=false)
void commitTransaction (const QString &a=QString())
bool isStopped () const
void setCatalogExtraData (const QStringList &data)
void setErrorIndex (const QList< uint > &errors)
void setFileCodec (QTextCodec *codec)
void setGeneratedFromDocbook (const bool fromDocbook)
void setHeader (const CatalogItem &header)
void setMimeTypes (const QString &catalog)
void startTransaction ()

Protected Attributes

int _maxLineLength

Private Attributes

CatalogImportPluginPrivate * d

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