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Catalog Class Reference

#include <catalog.h>

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Detailed Description

class, that represents a translation catalog(po-file)

This class represents a catalog, saved in a po-file. It has the ability to load from and save to a po-file. Also it defines all necessary functions to set and get the entries

Nick Shaforostoff <shafff@ukr.net>

Definition at line 67 of file catalog.h.


void signalFileLoaded ()
void signalNumberOfFuzziesChanged ()
void signalNumberOfUntranslatedChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 Catalog (QObject *parent)
QStringList catalogExtraData () const
void clear ()
const QString & comment (uint index) const
QTextCodec * fileCodec () const
int firstBookmarkIndex () const
int firstFuzzyIndex () const
int firstUntranslatedIndex () const
const CatalogItemheader () const
virtual void importFinished ()
const QString & importPluginID () const
bool isBookmarked (uint index) const
bool isFuzzy (uint index) const
bool isUntranslated (const DocPosition &) const
bool isUntranslated (uint index) const
bool isValid (uint index) const
int lastBookmarkIndex () const
int lastFuzzyIndex () const
int lastUntranslatedIndex () const
bool loadFromUrl (const KUrl &url)
int maxLineLength ()
const QString & msgctxt (uint index) const
const QString & msgid (const DocPosition &, const bool noNewlines=false) const
const QString & msgid (uint index, const uint form=0, const bool noNewlines=false) const
const QString & msgstr (const DocPosition &, const bool noNewlines=false) const
const QString & msgstr (uint index, const uint form=0, const bool noNewlines=false) const
int nextBookmarkIndex (uint index) const
int nextFuzzyIndex (uint index) const
int nextUntranslatedIndex (uint index) const
int numberOfEntries () const
int numberOfFuzzies () const
int numberOfPluralForms () const
int numberOfUntranslated () const
PluralFormType pluralFormType (uint index) const
int prevBookmarkIndex (uint index) const
int prevFuzzyIndex (uint index) const
int prevUntranslatedIndex (uint index) const
virtual const DocPositionredo ()
bool saveToUrl (KUrl url)
void setBookmark (uint, bool)
void setCatalogExtraData (const QStringList &data)
void setErrorIndex (const QList< uint > &errors)
void setFileCodec (QTextCodec *codec)
bool setHeader (CatalogItem header)
void setImportPluginID (const QString &id)
void setMimeTypes (const QString &mimeTypes)
void setPackageName (QString s)
void setUrl (const KUrl &u)
void updateHeader (bool forSaving=true)
const KUrl & url () const

Public Attributes

public __pad0__: virtual const DocPosition& undo()

Protected Member Functions

int findNextInList (const QList< uint > &list, uint index) const
int findPrevInList (const QList< uint > &list, uint index) const

Protected Attributes

CatalogPrivate * d

Private Member Functions

void emitsignalNumberOfFuzziesChanged ()
void emitsignalNumberOfUntranslatedChanged ()
bool setNumberOfPluralFormsFromHeader (const QString &)


class CatalogExportPlugin
class CatalogImportPlugin
class DelTextCmd
class InsTextCmd
class MergeCatalog
class ToggleFuzzyCmd

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